Education System in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a prosperous nation in Asia, having the highest literacy rate in Asia, which is more than 97%. Educational administration comes under the purview of various government ministries. Ministry of Education looks after schools, pirivenas (Schools for Buddhist priests), Teachers Training Colleges and Colleges of Education. It also includes the Department of Examination, which is a National Evaluation and Testing Service.

Further, the Ministry of Higher Education manages University Education system. Ministry of Education Services is responsible for resources required for General education in Sri Lanka. Moreover, the Ministry of Vocational and Technical Training is responsible for vocational Education and Technical colleges in the country.

Education System of Sri Lanka is distributed over 5 phases:  primary, junior secondary, senior secondary, collegiate, and tertiary. Following given age wise distribution of education:

Primary Schooling
  • Kindergarten: 3-5 year
  • Grade 1: 5-6 year
  • Grade 2: 6-7 year
  • Grade 3: 7-8 year
  • Grade 4: 8-9 year
  • Grade 5: 9-10 year
Secondary Schooling 

Junior secondary
  • Grade 6: 10-11 year
  • Grade 7: 11-12 year
  • Grade 8: 12-13 year
  • Grade 9: 13-14 year
Senior secondary
  • Grade 10: 14-15 year
  • Grade 11: 15-16 year - G.C.E Ordinary Level Examination
  • Grade 12: 16-18 year
  • Grade 13: 17-19 year - G.C.E Advanced Level Examination
Students who successfully completes GCE Advanced Level or equivalent qualification may apply for Bachelors degree programmes across different Sri Universities, Colleges and Institutes of Higher Education. Also at this stage many opportunities are open in Vocational study streams including certificates, diploma and degree programmes.

Territory Education Qualification in Sri Lanka is classified as below:
  • Certificate: 1 year or less than 1 year of study.
  • Diploma: 1–2 years of study.
  • Bachelor's degree:
  • General degree: 3 years of coursework without a major.
  • Honours/Special degree: 4 years of coursework and research with a major/specialization in a field.
  • Master's degree: MS/MSc etc
  • Doctorate: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
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