Faculty of Arts in Colombo University

In terms of student enrollment Faculty of Arts is the largest in the University of Colombo. It has nine academic departments and also several teaching units offering courses in Humanities and Social Sciences. Along with undergraduate courses the departments under Faculty of Arts also offers Masters, PhD degree and diploma courses in various disciplines.

Mission of Faculty of Arts

The mission of Faculty of Arts is to keep with the highest academic and ethical standards to collectively promote critical enquiry, competencies and social skills in Humanities and Social Sciences. Moreover, equipping students not only with specific skills, but a broader social humanistic orientation as well. So that they can be a part of changing world with a high sense of social responsibility and moral commitment.

Departments under Faculty of Arts

There are nine departments under the Faculty of Arts that offer under graduate and post graduate courses to students.

Department of Demography

The Department of Demography was established in 1997 as an upgrade form of Demographic Training and Research Unit (DTRU), which was funded by UNFPA in 1973. It is the sole academic body in Sri Lanka providing under graduate and post graduate level teaching, research undertakings and training in demography and population studies.
Click here to know more on Department of Demography.

Department of Economics

It is one of the oldest and most popular departments at Faculty of Arts with about 700 undergraduate students. The department which initially focused on undergraduate training in various disciplines, now offers post graduate programs also in well known areas of specialization. To know more about the department Click Here.

Department of English

The department offers several undergraduate and post graduate courses in English Literature, Linguistics and Cultural studies. With a keen focus on the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching and learning English, the department caters to a diverse student community. In addition to the three years general and four years special degree courses in English, the department offers various extension courses and consultancies in English language to institutions outside the University of Colombo. For further details on Department of English Click Here.

Department of Geography

Being one of the earliest departments in University of Colombo, the Department of Geography became full fledged in 1967. Earlier under graduate programs alone were conducted by the department itself. With changing reforms in curriculum development, the Department of Geography now focuses on post graduate degree and diploma courses also. Click Here to know more on Department of Geography.

Department of History

The Department of History is one of the oldest departments under Faculty of Arts. It consists of a varied curriculum, adhering to the selected subject areas and professional interests of academic staff. The main objective of the department is to teach history as a scientific discipline, while also giving prominence to social enquiry. It offers three years general and four years special under graduate degrees, post graduate Diploma, Masters and MPhil in history.
Click Here to know more about the Department of History.

Department of International Relations

Department of International Relations is the only one to offer special degree programs for under graduates as well as Masters Degree program in International Relations in the Sri Lankan University system. Click Here to read more on Department of International Relations.

Department of Political Science and Public Policy

Established in October 2001, the Department of Political Science and Public Policy is a relatively new department of the University under Faculty of Arts. Further, vision of the department is “Cultivating Critical Knowledge for Constructive Social and Political Change”. Under graduate programs in this department are conducted both in Sinhalese and Tamil medium. Nine under graduate programmes and two post graduate programmes are offered to interested students. Click Here to know more about Department of Political Science and Public Policy.

Department of Sinhala

With the starting of University College in 1921, the oriental languages Pali, Sanskrit and Sinhala were all confined to one department of study. A separate department for Sinhala was established by 1944, and by 1967 it became a full fledged department under Faculty of Arts. At present, it offers general and special degree programs in the field of Sinhala language, literature, arts and culture. The department also offers MA, MPhil, and PhD degrees in Sinhala.
For more details on Department of Sinhala Click Here.

Department of Sociology

With a golden history of 4 decades of teaching, training, research and national service, department of sociology is one of the oldest and largest departments of University of Colombo. The vision of the department is “To be a focal point in a critical intellectual tradition in Sociology and related disciplines”.

It offers 4 year under graduate degree in Sociology and Masters, MPhil and PhD degrees along with Diploma and Certificate Courses. To see detailed information Click Here.

Academic Units in Faculty of Arts

In addition to various Departments, the Faculty of Arts has six units that offer courses in various disciplines.

Computer Teaching Unit

Aimed at developing the IT skills of students and enhancing the learning process, the Computer Teaching Unit at Faculty of Arts offers courses to undergraduates in Computer Applications, related to Social Sciences. Click Here for further details on Computer Teaching Unit.

Pali and Buddhist Studies Unit

Buddhist studies have been taught in University of Colombo for the last 13 years. It offers under graduate and certificate courses in Buddhist Studies. Click Here for more details on Pali and Buddhist Studies.

English language teaching unit

With a versatile teaching staff, this unit accommodates the largest number of students enrolled to all faculties of the University of Colombo. It offers under graduate courses for four faculties namely Arts, Management, Law and Medicine in addition to the Diploma and Certificate course in Business English. Click Here for more information

Islamic Civilization Unit

The teaching of this subject was re-commenced after 15 years in 1995 as per the recommendation of the University Grants Commission. Click Here to know more about Islamic Civilization Unit.

Journalism Unit

Established in 1991, it was the first of its kind which started a First Degree Level program in Journalism in the entire University of Colombo and Sri Lanka. Journalism Unit also offers one year diploma course in journalism. Click Here to obtain further information.

Mathematics Unit

The unit has been contributing a fair share towards qualitative upliftment of the courses offered by Faculty of Arts. It imparts unique training in mathematical tools to students of Faculty of Arts especially in Economics, Sociology, Demography and Geography.

The unit offers two foundation courses in mathematics and one ELT course in Statistics. Click Here for more details on Mathematics Unit.

To know more about the Faculty of Arts visit arts.cmb.ac.lk
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